Saturday, October 29, 2011

What to Say to the Doctor

Just figured out what I'm going to say - trying to keep Mum involved and in the conversation, and yet convey what I think is wrong and needs doing. Will the doctor get it? Haven't met him yet. When I saw her yesterday Mum asked was I going to talk to the doctor about "moving me out of here" - her home. Where did that come from? Her biggest fear I guess. "No, no" I tried to reassure -" I'm trying to see what help we might need to keep you here". That won't make sense to her though - she thinks everything is fine and she doesn't need any help. One of the latest changes is she only goes shopping when she's down to her last piece of bread - then is eating biscuits. Doesn't see it as a problem...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Begining, In The Middle.

An ethereal template seems a good frame - as my mother's life is becoming more ethereal. For ages - ?years - I have been trying to nudge her in the direction of activities which I thought would improve her life, but have never been successful. Now is a beginning in this sense - she just agreed to me accompanying her to see her doctor to obtain a "diagnosis" - an official recognition of something that I already know - she has Alzheimer's Disease. Hopefully the beginning of the road to obtaining more support for her -and thereby me - while she struggles to continue her life, living in her own home, on her own.