Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The things that Mum doesn't do

I'm trying to figure out what is Mum's real difficulty with Meals On Wheels - bit difficult to work out from afar!  She tells me the meat is tough, she eats some of it, covering it with gravy helps.  And she'd rather eat things she makes for herself. My logical minds says to her, "well just eat what you want and leave what you don't" (cause i don't want her to cancel it).  That's probably no help to her, with her limited available logic.  I know she doesn't like to waste food.   I notice she keeps their meals for quite a few days - I think they're hard for her to tackle somehow.  She's got to try and figure out how to get through them - eat some of the tough meat - without wasting too much.    She says she'd rather eat her own cooking - which is true in that she can cook what she likes, but not true in that she is cooking less and less and not shopping often enough and eating too much rubbish - i.e., sweet things!  So I'm wracking my brain to see if there's a way to fix the REAL problem - that its too hard for her to figure out how to eat Meal On Wheels.  Maybe frozen meals will be better, maybe they won't.

The codes for things she doesn't do anymore are - "I'm not worried about that; that doesn't matter".
Code for:  "that's too hard for me to figure out, so i won't/can't.  Better to not think about it and focus on what's in front of me, or go to sleep in my chair".


  1. I'm hoping you can convince your mom not to do any cooking, it's just too dangerous for a person with Alzheimer's.
    Keeping you in my thoughts....

    1. She does a little cooking- very simple, one saucepan of vegies, and not often - and uses microwave which I guess is not so risky - so far no indication of problems, but you never know I guess - I will try and investigate it more closely. MOW is still in for 3 days though she says she's going to cancel it - I hope beyond hope she'll forget to cancel!

      Thanks Dolores. I was very glad to hear how well your David is doing. Big adjustment for you still.

      We hope to get Mum somewhere good soon as we can - which is not soon enough as lots of official processes to go through and she's totally opposed :(


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