Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two steps forward and 20 steps back

The forward steps were Meals on Wheels, and getting Mum's hair cut and washed after years!  She looked like her old self (which of course she is not, but I enjoyed that for the day).   The back slide, after that false dawn, is that she's now confusing night and day - thought 6.30pm was 6.30am when I rang yesterday and was in bed.  Its the last "straw" for me supporting her staying at home by herself - my sister and I are now shifting gear into finding a residential facility to move her to. Heaven only knows what bumps and skids in the road that will throw up, but I am now determined (with my heart in my mouth).


  1. Hi Paula. a newie to your blog tonight. I've just lost my comment after hitting backspace!!! I had to make all the arrangements to put my mother in care and it was so hard. If you would like to know the procedure, I can phone you or email.
    I'll put my email address on a new comment. please don't publish that one!

    It was the best and only move for her but it has taken me a little over a year to come to some sort of peace over it all.

    1. Thanks Lydia - I think we've got a handle on the procedures - lengthy as they are, so we're ploughing along!

  2. It certainly sounds like your mom should not be living alone any longer.
    I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers for finding the right home and for your mom accepting the move.

  3. I'm thinking that making the decision to move ahead is probably one of the first large hurdles to get over. At least once you know that is what is needed, you can move forward with purpose. Bless you!
    Thanks for stopping by Driving My Dad. You are right about organizations seeming to prey on the elderly. I don't like the way they urge the reader to send in a donation. They make it sound like the world is coming to an end and the reader must help, right now! They also appeal to their egos - they can be a charter member, they can have this lovely certificate, etc. Arghh! Having just spent another hour opening, shredding and trashing it just makes me angry!

  4. Hmm - shredding sounds good - I can't get near the piles as Mum is "going to organise them!"


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